Club 26.2

Goal:  Complete your MARATHON on RACE DAY - May 20, 2017

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Program Summary

Be Greater Club 26.2 is being offered free, courtesy of Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union, to youth ages 5 – 14 to assist in motivating them to become more active and develop lifelong healthy habits. Families or groups may choose to coordinate their own club or include friends from school or the neighborhood. The program runs March 18 thru May 20.

Two to three days per week, before school or after school, participants are encourage to participate in walking, jogging or running on a pre-set course (i.e. if using a track) or a course determined elsewhere. The participant completes a lap on the course; their Mile Tracking Card is punched or marked by a parent or an adult volunteer. A track, playground, parking lot or sidewalk may be used as the course. (Average approximately 3.15 miles (about a 5K) per week for 8 weeks = 25.2 miles with a week off for spring break)

When a participant completes their walking, jogging or running for the day, they return their Mile Tracking Cards to their Club Coordinator (i.e. parent or adult volunteer). Participants will receive a foot token to add to his/her key chain after completion of every third mile. After mile 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 participants will receive a number token for their key chain and be entered into a drawing to receive other prizes. Mile Tracking Cards will need to be turned in at Greater Midland Community Center for special tokens and to be entered into the prize drawings when miles 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 26.2 are complete. THE GOAL: to walk, jog or run 25.2 miles prior to RACE DAY on May 21 and then complete the Marathon mile during the 1 Mile Run at the RunWalk. Those participants, who complete the 26.2 mile challenge and turn in their Mile Tracking Cards, will be entered into a special post-race drawing, in which one boy and one girl will be drawn from all participants to win a special prize. Upon completion of the 26.2 mile, the last token can be picked up post-race at the Greater Midland Community Center.

In order to run a successful Club 26.2, the following is needed:

  • A Parent, Guardian or adult to act as Club Coordinator if done as individuals, families or groups
  • Person(s) to track participants laps on Mile Tracking Cards (i.e. parent or adult volunteer)

This packet includes:

  • Program Summary & Instructions
  • Mileage Counter Card(s)
  • Awards for Participants (chains, feet, tokens)
  • Assistance to effectively launch the Club (if needed)

Packets can be picked up at Greater Midland Community Center on or after March 7.

Download Club Info and Registration

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